We just want to let our amazing supporters know what has been happening at the sanctuary. We apologise if messages have been missed or we have been a little quiet.
Carole has been in hospital poorly with covid since Christmas, thankfully she is now back at home and on the mend. She no longer has covid but she is building up her strength slowly and recovering from the terrible ordeal.
All the animals have of course been well cared for but we have had to have minimum volunteers at the sanctuary to try and keep everyone safe. We currently have two key workers working 7 days a week, our other key worker sadly tested positive for covid too, we hope she feels better asap ?
A huge thanks to all the dedicated volunteers for really coming together in such a difficult time.
Of course thanks to the wonderful supporters too for your continuous kindness.
Lorenzo (and all the other animals of course) is so happy that Carole is back home and feeling better! ?