It’s been a busy week here at FARS. What with the new poly-tunnel cover being fitted and the avian influenza regulations, has meant we’ve had to create a completely enclosed home for our chickens.

2 of our volunteers have spent most of last week creating a chicken ‘entertainment centre’ – with runs, toys and lots of stuff to peck! It’s been a great success! The chickens are loving it, although no-one has learnt to play the xylophone just yet, but maybe they are practising in secret to surprise Carole at Christmas!

You can see one of our volunteers fixing the new roof on the extended chicken pen. Just to note, although this was a little unnerving to watch, no-one was hurt during this construction, except for a pair of ladders that caught the volunteer on his way down! Some revisions to the entrance may have to be made at some point though, due to one volunteer accidentally getting locked in, or was that on purpose?? Urm? 😛

We’ve added lots of ideas to our Amazon list, if you’d like to treat any of the Hen Party to a new toy for their new home, the chickens would be extremely grateful.