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“An animal sanctuary in Warwickshire which cares for around 450 farm animals says it’s not sure how it will cope with the soaring cost of bills. Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary (FARS) at Woolly Park Farm in Wolverton relies on volunteers and financial support to look after the huge number of animals in their care. The sanctuary enables farm animals to live to old age, but some of the more elderly sheep need heat lamps when the temperature drops at midnight, which uses lots of electricity. Meanwhile, the food for the animals has risen by an extra £80 a week, and hay bales will cost an extra £100 a week.

Founder of the sanctuary, Carole Webb, said: “We are faced with constant huge bills, having just paid £1,600 to clear out one of the barns and next month all the sheep will need shearing. To find out we are going to be hit by such a huge price hike on our weekly expenses is a massive blow. Our electricity cannot be cut down anymore – as much as we minimise our personal use, our animals are with us for life and we have many old and vulnerable sheep and pigs who need extra heat at night to keep warm. We have heat lamps in the pens of the most vulnerable but of course that comes at a price.”

Over the Easter weekend the sanctuary has been raising money by opening up for families and visitors to come along and meet the animals. The centre is also accepting donations of apples and bananas for the pigs and rich tea biscuits for the sheep. Carole’s been running a sanctuary for 3 decades now, moving to Woolly Park Farm in the year 2000. While there has been challenges along the way, the current rising costs are like nothing she says she has seen before. Donations and open days will help to keep this place running, which offers a lifeline to animals who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience a bit of freedom, or live to old age.

Carole and the volunteers hope they can do enough to battle against the rising bills, and keep doing their important work.”