After a long wait, finally this weekend our residents got their Polytunnel back!!

After extreme weathers this year, we have been without a cover for one of our 3 polytunnels for some time. We ordered one very early in the year, knowing it was on it’s last legs, then the gusts came and blew it away completely. Covid delayed the fittings a number of times, and some how we have managed to shuffle things around, to house all our lovely residents in the other 2 polytunnels while we awaited the fitting. We are so happy, and so are all the sheep, that this weekend a new one was finally fitted. It is a very challenging job, especially at such a windy time of year! Luckily all went well and as you can see the sheep look very positive, if a bit bemused by all the goings on!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to: Chris & Pat from Warwickshire Plant for all the ground works in preparation for the recover; Salvi for bedding out the polytunnel and putting the ring feeders and hay around.