Rodney’s story told by The Ark Veterinary Practice where he was taken on the 23rd February 2016 by two members of the public, who found him injured on their walk.

When he came to us we had the task of clipping away his wool to find the wounds, some were so deep and sore they were even down to the bone. His worst wound was to his hind right leg and bites to his stomach and his back. We cleaned his injuries up as best we could, some so deep they needed staples and he was given antibiotics and painkillers. Rodney became the practice lamb. For the next few days following his arrival he seemed to be on the mend, more confident with walking and bleating for food. We bottle fed him, kept him on medicines for his wounds, cleaning them daily and taking him for walks in the garden for exercise and grass. However, as the days went on Rodney started to go downhill and wasn’t his happy self.

His hind leg became worse and he couldn’t bear weight on it. An infection had started in the bone and was so painful, Rodney couldn’t use his leg so we had a decision to make. We had fallen in love with Rodney and wanted to give him every opportunity. Two weeks after he arrived, Rodney had surgery to remove his leg. The surgery was a success and after three days and some help from the team Rodney was back up on his feet. A little wobbly but he was up! He stayed with us until he was stronger, then nurse Vikki took him to be with other lambs at her farm. He was able to learn to walk on three legs and be with his own kind.
Eventually Rodney was strong enough and ready to find his forever home. He is now happy and forever with over 400 other rescued animals at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary.