We have a great team…

…of volunteers here at the sanctuary but are always looking to expand. We are always happy to hear from animal lovers who would like to help out, regardless of age or ability.

There are many ways you can volunteer, whether you can do hands on work at the sanctuary, raise funds for us or help on stalls at fairs, or maybe you have specialist skills that you could contribute in other ways.

Please let us know, by filling in the form below, we’d love to hear from you…

Some of the FARS team
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“I always wanted to undertake some meaningful voluntary work after retiring. Following a visit to FARS and meeting the wonderful happy animals, I quickly decided this was the place for me. Rain or shine I’m greeted at the front gate by one of the lovely cats (usually Sooty) or by a number of rescue hens, this is usually followed by a piggy welcome from both Dolly and Toby!”
Paul Garrison, Volunteer & Resident Artist
“I find my weekly volunteering so therapeutic. So rewarding to help at such a wonderful sanctuary and get to spend time around these amazing animals.

Love arriving to Dolly’s happy squeaks and her welcoming smile. The cats are always awaiting some fuss at the gate and Merrick’s always first in line for cuddles! It’s so good to be around likeminded animal lovers too. They’re all so very inspiring, dedicating so much of their time to these wonderfully friendly animals.”

Sarah Dekany, Volunteer & Designer

“I work with some wonderful caring people, the team at FARS under the leadership of inspirational founder Carole really are an amazing compassionate group, so committed to the giving all the animals a happy and stress free life.

While the work can on occasions be physically demanding and at present very muddy, the feel-good factor more than makes up for this. I would encourage anyone who has a few hours to spare each week to come along and join the team, you won’t regret it”

Paul Garrison, Volunteer & Resident Artist

“Helping at FARS has been a great experience, I have enjoyed getting to know not only all the gorgeous animals but the amazing volunteers too.

It is also a great way to get outside and get a bit of exercise and fresh air. It has also been fun to help with some vegan festivals and spread the word about the sanctuary.”

Charlotte Chapman-McNicholas, Volunteer & Photographer

“Those who protect and save other animals lead the way in protecting and saving humanity and earth.”

Anthony Douglas Williams – Inside the Divine Pattern