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Choose from 14 sponsorship packages and help us to continue our good work. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one, knowing you are also contributing to a very worthwhile cause. Each of the animals on the sponsorship list have their own unique, friendly personality. They all enjoy sanctuary visits from our supporters between mid-April to mid-September. Of course, the animals are our main priority, so in order for the sanctuary to continue with its daily routines, all visits must be by appointment.

When you sponsor any of our animals on the sponsorhship list you will receive…

Printed certificate, designed by one of our volunteers with a personal message from your chosen character. The only cost is in the print. 100% of profits go to your chosen rescue.

Printed postcard, of your chosen character, designed by one of our volunteers. The only cost is in the print. 100% of profits go to your chosen rescue.

Montage of images of a few of the characters. The only cost is in the print. 100% of profits go to your chosen rescue.

…and meet your chosen rescue. We recommend visiting between mid-April and mid-September, depending on the weather, visits can be arranged outside of these times. Due to covid all visits have been postponed until it’s safe to do so.
Please book your visit via email by clicking here.

…knowing you are helping us continue to protect and care for rescued farm animals.

Thank you so much for your generosity, love and support.

Sponsor an animal

Choose from a few of our most friendliest rescued animals…


he’s very easily spotted amongst the flock. A FARS favourite.

 He’s not a huge fan of cuddles but he’ll always be hovering nearby to keep tabs on what is going on and to be first in line for a biscuit. Although he has no teeth and so struggles to finish them without another sheep grabbing them from him. You’ll always find him with a piece of straw in his mouth which he chews for comfort.


that always loves any attention and is one of the first in line for visitors, often hanging out with his friend Merrick, keeping tabs of all the goings on here at FARS.

They all required lots of TLC and some had to have their dressings changed every other day for months to prevent infection. Neville was one of the least injured ones and the dog attack actually saved their lives, by bringing them to FARS, where they can live out their lives happily.

She is tough, hard core, doesn’t take no for an answer, gets what she wants but despite all that, she is a living being and it’s these exact things that make her totally unique and we wouldn’t have her any other way. 


He’s like a little puppy who loves everyone and loves getting a good head scratch.

… and one of the cutest and a favourite here at FARS.

Big Mandy sq

…here at FARS as you can tell just from her photos. After having problems on arrival with one of her feet, she was put in the front barn to be cared for with some of the elders but used to knock them over as a game so she was quickly moved to the blue barn. 

ig Mandy from the TV series ‘This Country’, played by Ashley McGuire, who actually spotted our twitter post about Big Mandy and commented how she ‘enjoyed this immensely.’ But it wasn’t just the look that  inspired us, it was Mandy’s matching personality:

She is tough, hard core, doesn’t take no for an answer, gets what she wants but despite all that, she is a living being and it’s these exact things that make her totally unique and we wouldn’t have her any other way. 

Amos smiling

He’s like a little puppy who loves everyone and just wants to play. He is one of the smallest sheep breeds in the world, so even though he looks like a little lamb, he’s actually fully grown.

…greeting us at the gate in a morning, with a head tilt, letting us know he wants some fuss. And he’s the only sheep that helps check the fields at night, we think he thinks he’s a sheep dog, walking the full parameter of the sanctuary, right by our side, eating lots
of blackberries along the way.

A supporter found Snowy in the snow, hence the name. He was such a tiny lamb, freezing cold, all on his own and quite poorly, so she bought him to us.

He was a very friendly curious character right from the start and is always first in the queue for a biscuit, or when visitors arrive, so he makes a great character to sponsor and come visit.

Spud was born on a farm where a little girl lived, she would feed him and play with him regularly. She became very attached, and when the little girl found out what was going to happen to Spud, she became extremely upset. It was their bond that saved him, because her family brought Spud to live with Carole at the sanctuary.

It wasn’t long before Spud had made friends with everyone here. He does have a special relationship with Alice. If he hear’s her call his name, he will race across the field to reach her.

Spud spends most of his days running around the field with the other sheep, and loves a biscuit!

Toby was only a couple of months old when he arrived at the sanctuary in 2017. He was rescued in Hertfordshire by a gentleman who saw him being manhandled by a group of boys. They were throwing the small piglet around like he was a football. The kind man asked the group if he could have Toby, but they wanted money. He gave them the only change he had in his pocket, picked the little piglet up and carried him to safety. He knew he couldn’t keep Toby forever, so he contacted FARS.

Toby loves bananas, but unlike most piggies, they must be peeled. He also likes swiss roll and playing with his food filled football

The little piglet was so small when he arrived, he only needed a small pen, but he now has a much bigger pen, complete with a nice comfortable house full of straw.

Wilma arrived at the sanctuary in 2016, a cute little piglet, complete with her own den – a small pull up tent and a combination of soft toys and play things. She was rescued by a family after Wilma’s biological mum rejected her. The family loved Wilma very much, but knew she couldn’t stay with them forever. This was when it was arranged for Wilma to come and live with Carole and all the other rescued animals.

But it wasn’t long before Wilma outgrew her pull up tent, so the sanctuary invested in a child’s play house.

This special young girl has settled in beautifully at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary and like most of our rescued animals has been through trauma before being rescued by wonderful, compassionate people. Having now found her feet (trotters), she has her own paddock, complete with a comfy arc and muddy wallow. She also has a couple of more mature neighbours Penny and George.

Wilma loves seedless grapes and corn on the cob. She also loves to see our supporters when they visit the sanctuary, especially when they have adopted her.

MERRICK the sheep at FARS

Merrick arrived at the sanctuary in early 2019, alongside three other rams. He was very timid on arrival, but over the last couple of months his character has really come out. He will walk over to you when he is grazing in the field, and loves attention of the team and visitors!

He is one of the few sheep here at FARS who prefers cuddles and attention over biscuits!


Ruby was a late and unexpected birth on a farm; the farmer brought Ruby to the gate and she became a resident here at FARS. She is now thriving and enjoys seeing visitors.

Jimmy came to FARS in the same way – a farmer brought him to the gate after his foot got stuck in a fence. He was very ill and small, and needed two hourly feeds day and night. Of course Jimmy was welcomed to FARS. Jimmy and Ruby became friends and can often be seen together.

JOEY the sheep at FARS

Joey was kindly brought to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in 2016 by Rachel, one of our long term volunteers, after being saved by a helper on a farm in Yorkshire. A group of kind people chipped together to purchase him and saved him from slaughter.

This handsome young boy is one of the friendliest characters at FARS and for the first six months never left Carole’s side, following her around just like any pet dog would. He still loves human contact, enjoys a biscuit and will come running at the call of his name. He certainly makes any visitors feel welcome at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary and is now another firm favourite on the sponsorship list.

PEGGY the sheep at FARS

Peggy was a tiny lamb when she arrived at Woolly Park Farm in 2017. Peggy’s biological mum had rejected her and she was struggling with neurological problems. Nicknamed Little Peggy, she wasn’t very strong, extremely wobbly on her legs and also blind in one eye.

Carole kept Peggy close to her for a number of months, bottle-feeding her regularly, while also helping the tiny lamb to strengthen her legs.

Peggy has a very close bond with Carole. She spent so long with the founder of FARS during those early days. Now, her problems are barely noticeable and although she is still blind in one eye, Peggy doesn’t let it deter her.

Bruce and Bart

Bart and Bruce came to the sanctuary separately, but are always together and always up to mischief.

Bart came in with another sheep called Binky, and Bruce came in as a lamb with his mom Sheila (who is often found in the blue shed). Bruce and Sheila were found abandoned and brought to the sanctuary by a kind member of the public.

Bart and bruce are two of the greediest sheep here, and will jump over any hurdle to get to food. They both love biscuits, and won’t let any other sheep stand in their way when they want some!

George the Pig at FARS

George arrived at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in 2014, a few weeks before Christmas, after being found by a couple wandering in the middle of a road. Space was tight at Woolly Park Farm, but although Carole tried to find him a home elsewhere, no one seemed to be able to accommodate him. It was soon decided the young piglet, just a few weeks old would reside at Woolly Park Farm with Carole. Bottle feeds, tummy tickles and wallowing in mud, George soon developed a great character and is one of the firm favourites on our sponsorship list.

George has his own purpose-built home to keep warm in the winter and shade him in the summer, a muddy wallow and loves apples.

RODNEY the sheep at FARS

A plucky three-legged lamb who had to have one of his hind legs amputated after being attacked in a local field by a dog or a fox. He was brought to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in 2016 by a local vet – The Ark Veterinary Practice, and despite his handicap, Rodders is a happy and lively lamb. He has settled down well at Woolly Park Farm, where he quickly made friends with fellow new arrivals Barney and Splash. Rodney does not let his disability hold him back and gets around very easily on his three legs.

Rodney’s story told by The Ark Veterinary Practice where he was taken on the 23rd February 2016 by two members of the public, who found him injured on their walk…

When he came to us we had the task of clipping away his wool to find the wounds, some were so deep and sore they were even down to the bone. His worst wound was to his hind right leg and bites to his stomach and his back. We cleaned his injuries up as best we could, some so deep they needed staples and he was given antibiotics and painkillers. Rodney became the practice lamb. For the next few days following his arrival he seemed to be on the mend, more confident with walking and bleating for food. We bottle fed him, kept him on medicines for his wounds, cleaning them daily and taking him for walks in the garden for exercise and grass. However, as the days went on Rodney started to go downhill and wasn’t his happy self.

His hind leg became worse and he couldn’t bear weight on it. An infection had started in the bone and was so painful, Rodney couldn’t use his leg so we had a decision to make. We had fallen in love with Rodney and wanted to give him every opportunity. Two weeks after he arrived, Rodney had surgery to remove his leg. The surgery was a success and after three days and some help from the team Rodney was back up on his feet. A little wobbly but he was up! He stayed with us until he was stronger, then nurse Vikki took him to be with other lambs at her farm. He was able to learn to walk on three legs and be with his own kind.

Eventually Rodney was strong enough and ready to find his forever home. He is now happy and forever with over 400 other rescued animals at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary.


Mushroom and Polly are our eldest hens, at around 5 years old. They used to be pets so are very friendly and used to people. Dora was brought to us by a gentlemen who lives near by, as she wasn’t popular with his other chickens and was being picked on and so was rather lonely. She is now very greedy and constantly demanding snacks from us.  

… but due to change in circumstances their family could no longer care for them. And so Lavender, Henrietta and Blondie found a forever home with us. They are still very nervous. Henrietta is our smallest chicken, a Pekin Bantam.

Number of animals at FARS


Toby, Wilma, Penny and George, all have their own unique and inquisitive personalities.


Roughly 400 sheep currently at FARS. It’s hard to keep them still long enough to count. At one point there were nearly 800.


…Mushroom, Polly, Dora, Lavender, Henrietta, Blondie and 1 Rooster called Popcorn, who makes the cutest squeaky sneezes.

How to support the animals

It currently costs around £90,000 per year to run. We never make a profit – everything is invested back into the animals. We are all so very grateful here at FARS for any size donation.

Another way to support us is by sponsoring one of our cheeky characters, purchasing from our Amazon or Ebay wish list, sign up to easy-fundraising which prompts the shops to donate everytime you purchase, or maybe purchase some of our ethically sourced branded merchandise from our online shop, all of which have been designed by our volunteers, so 100% of the profits go to the animals. You can send money via paypal, to our Emergency Covid-19 Hay and Feed appeal or BACS direct into our bank account:

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We have a great team…

…of volunteers here at the sanctuary but are always looking to expand. We are always happy to hear from animal lovers who would like to help out, regardless of age or ability.

There are many ways you can volunteer, whether you can do hands on work at the sanctuary, raise funds for us or help on stalls at fairs, or maybe you have specialist skills that you could contribute in other ways.

Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Some of the FARS team